Why Tarps are Being Used More Now

Tarps are becoming more essential now more than ever. Tarps are being used for room barriers and crowd control. Poly tarps that come in multiple sizes are being used for triage centers as well as the annual use of temporary roof covers. Heavy duty canvas tarps are being used to haul things as well as the typical covering applications. Heavy-duty canvas tarps are widely used to haul material away due to it’s resiliency to abrasions compared to the poly tarps. If you are in need to cover, haul, shade, or use tarps for barriers now is the best time to get a tarp and make sure you are prepared.


White Poly Tarps in High Demand for Temporary Room Dividers Many hospitals, triage centers, and emergency organizations are using white poly tarps for temporary room barriers and crowd control. The color white for the poly tarps does not play a significant role in function only in tradition as doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners have traditionally used white clothing. Some organizations have stated they prefer white tarps to detect stains, blemishes and to identify cleanliness.

Poly tarps have become an essential item during the Coronavirus. Regular consumers and businesses are using poly tarps as room barriers in hospitals and restaurants.
Businesses are reopening, and business owners want to offer a safe place for their customers. Social distancing is one of the crucial components for safety. The CDC says that social distancing may help prevent contracting the virus. Hospitals have been using white tarps to provide privacy.
Poly tarps are also great for rain and sun protection. Fire retardant tarps are widely used as welding blankets, and drawstring tarps are perfect for hauling off debris. 


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