How To Get Long Life Out Of Your Tarps and Prevent Tearing

Customers always commend us on longer-lasting tarps.  We hear the typical complaints about other tarp stores all the time, "My tarp shredded due to sun damage" or "My tarps tore under pressure."  Here are the key factors that will enable longer life out of your polyethylene tarps.  

  1. For Sun Damage: U.V. Treatment is essential.  U.V. treatment will resist the deterioration of the tarp.
  2. Mesh Count:  The tarps mesh count will help the tensile strength of the tarp and help resist tarp tear.
  3. Grommet spacing:  Spacing the grommets closer will enable the tarp to hold up against tears.
  4. Rope Reinforcement: Making sure poly tarps have a rope reinforcement will secure the edges of the tarp more and limit the pressure of tarps from tearing.

Above is a picture with weak tarps torn due to poor material construction. 

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